Monday, February 7, 2011

Bills, Bills, Bills

Have any of you seen the "Glee" episode from after the Super Bowl? It was good as usual. Except, when the all boys choir sang "Bills" by Destiny's Child I almost fell out of my chair. That may be the funniest TV moment of the year. Yes, funnier than "Charlie Horse" (see TV blog if you don't know what I'm talking about). Ok, maybe not funnier, but funny in a different way. Don't get me wrong, those boys are really talented. But who came up with that blast from the past? Strangest.Song.Choice.Ever.

*If you didn't watch and you aren't all like tech like the Amborn's with your DVR, please come visit and I'll let you watch.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Thursday, February 3, 2011

TV updates

Since I've been home I've had the chance to catch up on all the awesome TV programming. It's amazing the things you can find to watch when you have 1000 channels! Also, Rob and I got DVR which is nice (sliding right on in to the 21st century- only a decade late). Here are my thoughts on those programs:
1. The Bachelor. You knew it was coming. Honestly, I've only watched the last two episodes but this is my take on the season- Brad: Not a prize. Seriously? Girls, go home. Also, what is the deal with Michelle? She sucks. You're right Michelle, if Brad wants to be with any of those girls then he can't want to be with you. Yep- because you are gross.
Moving on.
2. One Born Every Minute. This is on Lifetime and it is about labor and delivery. If I hadn't already had a baby then there is NO WAY I'd watch this. FYI- if you have seen it and you've never had a baby, don't pay attention to those women. They are crazy. It is nothing like that. For real. Rob was in the room when I had Louis and you should have seen his face while he watched this show. He kept saying "what are they doing? What is going on?" ha, poor thing. I am all for having a baby the way you want, but there was a super strange couple with a long "birth plan". I can't even describe what they did because I'm still not really sure. But, I have memorized their faces and if Louis ever meets their daughter and wants to marry her I'll just turn on my aweseom DVR and show him what he's getting in to. Reality tv has gotten a little too "real". Speaking of reality tv gives me a perfect segue into my next show. (btw- who knew that's how you spelled "segue"? No wonder my kids can't spell. Phonics and the American language do not go together)
3. What Not to Wear. I don't usually watch this, but I had to tune in this past week. There was this 29 year old girl dressed like a Barbie. For real. Poor thing. She was an idiot. But, it was very entertaining.
Last but not least.....American Idol. Love the auditions and I wish they would last all year. I do not feel bad laughing at the fools that try and sing. They know they stink. But the funniest part of the season so far was this clip. Please watch. I promise you will not be disappointed.  Ryan Seacrest you are my hero. Please look at his face!
Ok- enough rambling for now. I'll come back with more updates when I find more entertainment.