Monday, April 25, 2011


We have been so busy for the past month or so that I haven't had time to blog. A few weeks ago, Rob and I went to Memphis for Shannon and Joey's wedding. This was our first night away from Louis. I was really sad to leave him, but the weekend was really fun and we had a great time at the wedding. We were having to much fun at the wedding to take pictures, but I did get a shot of the Pebody ducks (I made Rob take me to see them).
Waiting for the ducks
The next weekend, my friend Alana got married in Baton Rouge. Rob didn't make the trip for this one, but Louis did. I had to get him introduced to his future college town at a young age. The wedding was perfect and Alana was beautiful.

My college roommates, Erin and Addie came to meet Louis!

The beautiful bride, Alana

We have had two weekends at home to enjoy with our sweet Louis and our friends. The weather has been nice, so we have had friends over the past two weekends to cookout. This is a huge perk of our new back yard/patio. It's so private. And, Rob did a great job getting the yard landscaped while I was out of town. He is awesome. Maybe I should start hiring him out....
Yesterday was Louis's first Easter. The Easter Bunny went a little overboard, and visited him at 3 houses. We went to church and then had time with our family that afternoon.
Loving everything the Easter Bunny brought...

especially his new elephant
Ready for church
We have had a busy Spring so far, and it's not over yet! Two more weddings before the end of May!!