Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stack, Stack....Brickwall

Enough already. The Bachelorette has officially hit a brick wall. I do not think it could get any more dull. The editors of this show deserve Emmys for being able to find "drama" in all the mess. To bring a little excitement to my life I read the spoilers. I'm not going to tell what I read, but I am a little unsure if I should believe it because Reality Steve was wrong last time.
Fashion Note: The dress Ashley wore at the Rose Ceremony was pretty, but I'm almost certain the bottom half was see through.
Bentley count: 45...or something like that. She was saying it so much I couldn't keep accurate count.
As if that show didn't make me crazy enough, I decided to set up a new wireless printer at my house today. I'm no techie, but I can read directions....usually. 3 hours later the printer was 95% operational. It just printed every other line. After speaking to tech support for an hour we realized that the problem was the ink cartridge. It was dried up. (Rob tried to tell me that from the beginning...)
FYI- Our computer company is a scam. I called their number and before they even knew the nature of my problem they said I would be charged for help. Uh- no thanks! He then informed me that they get 20-30 THOUSAND calls a day. Ok? So charging people for the calls is justified how? Maybe it just makes you not want to call. I seriously think that is the whole purpose. It took FOREVER to find the number. Luckily, I was given a number to Microsoft and I had the nicest and sweetest tech support person ever. No lie. Even though we got to the bottom of the situation, I'm pretty sure he gave everyone he works with my name and told them I am a lunatic. Between dried up ink, a crying baby, and trying to cook poor Kusha probably wanted to jump through the phone line and strangle me. Thankfully he didn't and I can now print anything I'd like. Isn't technology great?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Silver Spoon

It's not every day that you are fed by a queen....
Louis and Miss MS 2006, Taryn Foshee

Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday

Now that I have a home computer (yes, I still live as though it is 1993-don't judge), I can update my blog with ease. Seriously, I love a smartphone but I had to get a contact yesterday because I've been looking at that tiny screen for too long. And no, that is not a typo. I just got one contact. Apparently only my right eye needed help. The left one is doing great. I got glasses too. I decided to go on and get regular ones even though a monocle wold have probably been cheaper. I know you are probably thinking, "What is a monocle?". He ya go:
Now you know why I decided against it...

On to my real post:
I've decided to list five things each Friday that I either love, want to buy, or seriously need. So, if this doesn't interest you. Don't read my blog on Fridays. Let's see how long this lasts.

5 Things That I Love:

#1: Louis...duh
#2: Summer Vacation. I am very sad that it is half over. Boo
#3: The Miss Mississippi Pageant. Yes, I LOVE it. It's next week, so I'm sure you will be reading a post all about it.
#4: My new computer.
#5: "The Other Bolen Girl". I just finished reading it, and now I am obsessed with learning more about the life of Henry XIII.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Ashley

So...poor little Ashley on the Bachelorette. She is sad. Bentley left and she CANNOT get over him. She is seriously missing out on some great (seemingly) guys- Ames, JP, Ryan, and Mickey (even though he wore man capris...uncool). But what I seriously do not get is the obsession with the Josh Groban twins. Yuck. Not only is this the most pathetic season yet, but Ash stinks at picking out dates. First, she had the guys roast her. Fail. Then they had to box. Seriously? Dumb. And poor, sweet Ames getting hurt. So sad. Can she just skip to the final two with Ames and JP. That would make me happy.
Side note...was anyone else under the impression that the Bentley hotel scene was going to be last night? Not funny ABC. Now I have to watch next week. Those producers are so smart.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011


Louis is growing so much! He can now prop himself up on his hands while sitting. Yesterday, he went to nursery for the first time. He seemed really happy. He was exhausted, though! He slept all night, ate at six and slept two more hours. He has taken three Naps today. I hope he gets a little more used to the action at Small World before August!