Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite radio stations changed to what I've always called "Jesus Music". The only reason I realized the station had changed was because they played "I Can Only Imagine" and I couldn't believe 94.7 would play that song. Immediately after the song, the lady on the radio starting talking about changing your life. And she sent out a challenge: Only listen to Christian Music for the next 30 days and see how your life changes. I figured it was as good a challenge as any. I've started (with the exception of Glee on Tuesday nights) listening only to Christian Music. And I'll admit- I love it. The best part is that instead of ads in between songs, they have thoughts for the day, verses from the Bible, and stories of how God has changed the lives of others. In my short ride to work each day I really enjoy the inspiration 94.7 has to offer. I feel as though it helps me start my day on a positive note.
Also, I have recently subscribed to a daily devotional for women on my email. They send the email each night at 2am. Before I even get out of the bed in the morning I read the devotional. For the past few days the devotional has really hit home to me. It seems as though God always knows what I need to hear. This is yet another sign that God is always listening and is always helping me. Even when I least expect it.
So maybe take the challenge of the lady on 94.7....Listen to only Christian Music for 30 days and see how your life changes. It can't hurt!