Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated Louis's First Thanksgiving. In honor of the occasion, he cut his first tooth! We are super excited about this because we have been waiting 10 1/2 months for a tooth to come out. I was beginning to think he didn't have any teeth under his gums. Luckily, it hasn't been bad yet. He hasn't cried too much and he seems really happy. Hopefully this will be a trend. Another big accomplishment this month is pulling up. He can now pull up on to all different things....his bed, the ottoman, coffee table. We had to move his bed down to its lowest level because he is so tall (go figure). It's so cute to walk in his room in the morning and he is grinning and standing up. Precious.
I have been off work all week for Thanksgiving Break, and since Garden Club is at my house in December I figured this would be the best time for me to decorate. I am completely finished. We decided to get a fake tree this year instead of a real one because Louis has asthma and we didn't think a real one would be good for him. So that meant I got to decorate early! Louis loves the tree. If we aren't looking, he scoots in there as fast as possible to try and touch it. Luckily, we are still faster than he is. We just have to pay good attention!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Park After Dark

Last night Rob and I went on the Haunted Vicksburg tour through the Military Park. Sadly, we didn't see any ghosts or anything remotely scary. I say sadly, but if I had seen I ghost I probably would have had a heart attack. The main reason we went was so we could see the park at night since it closes early. It wasn't nearly as dark out there as I expected. Growing up in Vicksburg, we all heard the ghost stories of Hookman Bridge and The Five Faces. We drove over Hookman Bridge last night and nothing happened. I'll admit- I was hoping he would drive a little faster at that part. We didn't even go to the Five Faces, so who knows what we might have seen.
Although it's a little hokey, if you live in town you should really try and go the next time he does a tour. At least it's something to do here in town!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

All I Do Is Win

This weekend, Rob and both our dads went to the lake to spend the night. So, my friend Alana came to Vicksburg to spend the night and visit with Louis and me. Since the grown men were gone, my mom, Alana, and I (plus Louis) spent Saturday night watching the LSU/Bama game. It was everything we were expecting, and more. Thankfully, LSU won! I love close games like that one, and I can't think of a better opponent to beat at their field in overtime. Now we just have to pray that LSU wins out so they can go to the National Championship Game. And no, there is no need for a rematch of last night for the BCS Championship. Bama had their chance and they lost.