Sunday, August 28, 2011


School is back in session, and my sweet 2nd graders are so fun! The other day we were discussing prediction in Reading. I have a snow globe that students look in and predict what will happen in the future. This was the first time using the prop, and the kids were really in to it. They kept making great predictions and were really excited when it was there turn with the snow globe....except for one boy. He got the "crystal ball" and shook it. Then he shook it again. Finally, he looked at me with the funniest expression and said "I don't see nothin' in there"! Poor baby had no idea it was all imaginiation. Thank the lord I didn't laugh out loud.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Five for Friday

Five things I am in search of for fall:
1. A good pair of boots
2. Some skinny jeans
3. Thanksgiving john john for Louis
4. Louis's first Halloween costume
5. A weekend off- this means out of town.
I have a feeling that number 5 will be the hardest on the list to come by.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cakewrecks and AFP

On crazy days I like to check two websites that always make me laugh. and
Here are two gems I found today:
I seriously laughed out loud at this one

This is how I feel about tomorrow being Friday

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Not Over Til It's Over

Have you ever had one of those "perfect" days? Today was my day. Everything was going great. My kids are getting into a routine. Louis slept through the night (and it was my night to get up to feed him). The Lean Cuisine I took for lunch was actually awesome. Everything was perfect. Until......
I get to my car at 4:45 and notice that 2 coke cans have escaped from the case. I thought this was really strange and the first thought in my mind was "Who in the world broke in to my car and drank two cokes?" If only. This is what really happened...I left the case of cokes in my car, in the sun, all day. Two cokes exploded. And when I say exploded I mean burst so hard they flew out of the case and across the backseat. They spewed all over the car, backseat, front seat, windshield, everywhere. To make matters worse, as I was driving home another one exploded and I seriously thought someone had shot at my car. I cannot believe this happened. I am so glad my day had been good because for some strange reason I found this whole experience wildly amusing. The car will be detailed tomorrow. Thank the lord.
Moral of the story: It's hot. Don't be lazy. Just unload all your groceries when you get home.