Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Sunday

Today was a great day! We woke up super early (thank you, Louis) and headed to Jackson. Rob was on a mission to find a golf club. We spent a long time in Dick's Sporting Goods and found what Rob was looking for. Then, we had lunch at Cane's, which reminds me of college and also of being pregnant. (We would stop at Cane's after every Dr. appointment during my entire pregnancy. Not my craving- Rob's). Louis loved the fries. Then, we went to visit Rob's sister, Casey, her husband, Sam, and their sweet baby Gracie. Louis and Gracie are exactly a year apart, and they had a lot of fun together. After we got home we sat outside, ate crawfish, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Someone refused to take a we decided to go to the Country Club to play golf. Louis had a great time riding in the cart. When we would stop, he would jump out and run straight towards the ball and pick it up. So much for the golf game! This was the perfect way to end the weekend. Only 9 weeks left until summer!!

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